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• Poverty and parents’ depravation, similarly to the factor above, can largely influence child’ development: a poor diet for example can affect growth, but also behaviour and social development. This can ultimately give inadequate opportunities for play or a lack of educational opportunities which can impact on life outcomes. Aspirations and expectations are drastically reduced when poverty is being experienced by a child or young adult.

• Poor Attachment: parents and primary carers are not always able to form a bond that will ensure a child enough love, care, and the attention they need to develop well. Strong, positive attachments with a primary carer and parents can also influence the child’s academic achievements.

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• Cultural Differences: this is an external factor that may affect some children making them feel less confident as their cultural background makes them different from their classmates and friends. They may try to hide these differences because they are afraid their friends to be rejected and isolated.

• Personal choices: a young adult can decide whether to smoke or not, misuse illegal substances such as drugs, drink alcohol, have soon intimate relationships, eat unwell and have wrong sleeping routines. These personal choices can ultimately cause a delayed development.

• Education: this is another external factor that may change development pattern. In fact, the different settings in which education happens, school and home, can play a big role in the children’ s cognitive development. In good school there are many opportunities to socialise and experience good education: this will surely better stimulate cognitive development.

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