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• What is culture?
Culture is defined as, the ideas,
customs, and social behaviour of a particular group of people or society.Culture is way of life, lifestyle, traditions and values.
There are different cultures in Pakistan, i.e.
1.Culture of Punjab
2.Culture of Sindh
3.Culture of Balochistan
4.Culture of Khyber Pakhunkhwa
5.Culture of Gilgit Baltistan

These are the some popular culture of Pakistan but they are many other culture which exist in Pakistan. Our topic is one of them i.e.
Culture of manipulation in Pakistan.
Manipulation means to manage or influence skillfully, especially in an unfair manner. Its also means to adapt or change (accounts,figures, etc) to suit one purpose ones purpose or advantage.
On the other hand, manipulating is the way to get what you want, by involving yourself in wrongful act or by doing some unlawful activity.
Culture of Manipulation is pretrated throughout the people in Pakistan, irrespective of their age. Everyone have thinks it is less right to make manipulation with others. By reading the following examples below, you may get sure about manipulation in Pakistan.

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Manipulation can be done in many things which discussed below
1. Teacher manipulation.
2. Student manipulation.
3. Employee manipulation.
4. Manipulation in politics.
5. Social media manipulation.
6. Manipulate your parents.
7. Manipulation in food.
8. Manipulation in marriage.
9. Manipulation in friendship.
Now a day, a trend is getting popular in government school teachers that they can not attend the classes, regularly. In rural areas of Pakistan, teachers go to schools, mark their attendance and left the students in the class for free as they have no concern with them. They receive their salary full from the government because their is no actual check and balance for these types of teachers and they enjoy benefits of spare times and not to consume it on their students, they are not giving proper attention to their student as a result their students not get a proper education or knowledge and future of their students is spoiled just because of such kind of teachers. Actually teachers are doing manipulation in their profession.
• STUDENT Manipulation:
On the other hand, students also manipulate with their own profession, as a student they have many duties but they do not perform their duties well. When teacher take a test in the class from the student. Some students cheat with teacher during test. They take some helping material in their pockets or in some cases some students write question on their hands, this is most critical situation. In some cases they take a help from their friends. Actually they manipulate with their friends.

• ROLL no:18221554-040.
• Employee manipulation:
In Pakistan, people who are involved in employment or in labor/employee work, try to manipulate in different assepts between continuesing their work. Wherever head of business is busy, employees pay no attention to their work, take rest or involve in doing irrelevant activities or unlawful activities instead of completing his tasks.
In transporting goods or products from one place to another. Mostly truck drivers try to manipulate in delivering products or goods, they take out negligible quantity of goods or products and sale them for earning profit. Tuckers who provide petrol to local distributors on CNG or Petroleum, carry out minimum quality of fuel for their personals usage. Actually by performing this activity they manipulate with owner.

• ROLL NO:18221554-039.
Mian Muhammad sufyan
• Manipulation in politics:
After that, a common man of Pakistan is getting manipulated everyday by politicians, who are sitting behind the windows in their cabinets. They gave or make such a decision which is against of the peoples and which is favor of their own self. Firstly politicians try to convince the public that they work whole day and night only for the benefit of people. After that when they won the election they do all that things which give benefit to their self and manipulate the peoples.

When the grants send by federal to the local elected members to improve the infrastructure and for the betterment of poor population in their respective areas, the fraudulently act is shown in all their works from minor to large scale.
It is likely emerged in the culture of Pakistan that every politician thinks it is his rights to manipulate the people on every single way. On their turn whenever they get hold, they take it like a single chanced of freedom to make fraud with expectations of people, who gave them vote and make them possible to win in elections.

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