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A Teachers role is varied. Roles are functions a teacher might do willingly or voluntarily take on; while a responsibility is something the teacher must do as part of their job. A teacher’s role is to ultimately impart knowledge and expertise and encourage learners in a way that is easy for them to understand and replicate. A teacher needs to identify a learners needs. The teacher needs to assess the learners to establish their learning styles. Example by using V.A.R.K. Visual, Audio, Reading/Writing and Kinaesthetic. (Fleming (2006) (online) available at: www. (accessed 23.05.2018) the teacher also needs to create a safe and supportive learning environment. It is the responsibility of both the organisation and the teacher to provide such an environment. Also to facilitate open communication that would encourage students to discuss the material, whilst assessing the various learning styles. It is important that all students have equal access to the learning including those with disabilities and/or learning difficulties. It is the role of the teacher to anticipate challenges pupils may face and help them to overcome these issues. It is important that the learner understands the aims of the session and the desired outcomes required. There can be many barriers for the learner examples of these are:

• Social – how a learner interacts with others or how they view learning.
• Physical – how a learner can access learning (e.g. sensory disabilities or reduced mobility)
• Intellectual – learners may be at different academic or skill levels.
• Cultural – might affect learner views, values and beliefs.
• Emotional – might affect learner motivation or ability to concentrate.

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The teacher has a responsibility throughout the teaching cycle to monitor and ensure learner needs are met.

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