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2. Fighter: Despite his difficult childhood, he could get way of the terrible life he was having on the streets. He realized that selling drugs were not the correct way to do things and he could survived to many dangers he faced when he was young.
Entrepreneur: He used his talent for the music to create his own lyrics. The fact that he read the dictionary to find new words to put together in order to create a song, is what I will define as entrepreneurship, take all resources and use your imagination to create something different.
Artist: His music is famous; his songs are world-wide played. He is a top American singer and definitely one of the most influential person in United States. Besides the fact that he is married with one of the most beautiful woman, Beyoncé
3. Doctors should have the highest moral standards, because they are working with people. They literally have their patient life in their hands and a bad decision in the O.R could cost someone’s life. They should be honest with themselves and their patients in order to minimize the risk and mistakes.
Pilots need to be well prepared to fly people around. They have the responsibility to carry hundreds of people life in an airplane and being dishonest can cause a catastrophe. Morality refers about right and wrong. Pilots know that the right way to fly is to be prepare for every flight and in that way, risks are minimums.
Lawyers should use the law for the common good and not only for the benefit of few. There is a thought that lawyers all they want is money. An example of this in when someone has a car accident, some of them tell the patient to go to the doctor and tell them that they are injured. In some cases this is a clear form be dishonest because all they want is to get money for insurances.

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