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3. What is IP address and why it is important?

The IP address is a unique number series that designed to allow one connected computer (or device) to communicate with another device in internet. It is help to identify computer (or devices) in a network. IP address basically stands for ‘Internet Protocol’ address. Internet protocols are set of rules that makes internet works. It is responsible for addressing, delivering and routing our online requests.
As an example computers in the internet communicate with each other. So if I want to download a movie from internet my PC should have IP address. That’s how other computer find and locate me to send the data related to that movie.

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? Mainly IP address is use to host or network interface identification and location Addressing. Because an IP address is an identifier, it allows computers to send and receive information to and from specific computers in a given network.

? It is important to have unique IP address in some cases such as web hosting. If someone want to host a website it is safer to use this kind of IP address when they using dedicated server or shared web hosting. There may be thousands of websites on that server to share same IP. That would be problematic that others activities are affect our website as well. A unique IP address give layers of safeness, protection and reliability.

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