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The British University in Egypt
Faculty of massmedia and communication
Module Title : Reporting English Skills
Module Code : 18MCOM13C
First assignment
10 Tasks
Submitted by: Menat Alah Tarek
ID: 167380
Tutorial number: A4
Module Leader: Gehan Lotfy
T.A: bassant nashaat
Task “1”
Part 1
Erdogan lands in Germany for a bridge building visit.

Erdogan arrives in Germany to Mend Strained Ties.

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Turkey’s President heads to Germany.


Part 2
Al-Sisi, Putin sign the cooperation agreement.

Egyptian and Russian president’s sign comprehensive agreement in Sochi.

Egypt- Russia relations are taken to “strategic level”.

1016010941050Task” 2″
Closure of 72nd session of General Assembly of the United Nations
The 72nd session of the (UNGA) has officially closed On September 18, 2018. The outgoing president of the (UNGA), Miroslav Laj?ák has completed one of the successful productive session of the General Assembly. Various issues were addressed in this session from climate change to financial and social development. (UN)
In the event, Laj?ák pointed out the importance of international organization and multilateralism. Moreover, he added that his work in the assembly is not only focused on peace’s promotion, but also for sustainable development. The promotions are being assessed and measured for the 2030 agenda to qualify for implementation. The session also addressed other problems as the issue of migration as long as the need to listen to scientists and academicians talking about topics like artificial intelligence.
Immediately after the 72nd session has ended, the 73rd session started on the same day. The president of this session was Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, who is the fourth woman to serve in this capacity. Furthermore, she is the first Latin American and Caribbean woman to preside over the General Assembly since the creation of UN. The theme for this session is announced to be “Making the United Nations significant to all people”. (Cubaminrex)
Task “3”
2018 Nobel Medicine Prize is given to cancer researchers
13335096202500The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet has decided On Monday, October, 1 to nominate the Nobel medicine prize to James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo. The researchers awarded the prize for their efforts in discovering new cancer therapy by unleashing the body’s immune system.

Allison and Honjo have transformed people’s perception of how the immune system identifies tumor cells. The researchers have studied protein cells on the immune system. Furthermore they realize that the cells operate like a brake. Moreover, they discovered how different strategies for preventing the brakes on the immune system can be strongly effective to fight cancer.

The Nobel Assembly claimed that the reason behind awarding the researchers the prize which is nine million Swedish crowns is that “The influential discoveries by the two researchers creates a landmark in our battle to abolish cancer” said by The Nobel Assembly at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute (Reuters).

Cancer occurs when cells growth is abnormal and there are a lot of types of cancer: lungs, blood, and others. Researchers have also found that on a yearly basis millions of people were killed by Cancer. Giving the Nobel medicine prize to these researchers is a big step to abolish cancer all over the world.
TASK “4”
Libya arrests the ‘most wanted’ terrorist in Egypt

President Abd El Fatah Alsisi asked Libya On Thursday 0ctober, 11 to return back the former Egyptian Special Forces officer and the current jihadist leader Hisham el-Ashmawy. Ahmawy have been captured this Monday by the Libyan forces Khalifa Haftar and expected to be back within this week. Haftar is a Libyan military officer, who claimed that he caught Ashmawy in the eastern city of Derna sitting with the family of Omar Rifai Sorour , who is Derna’s Mufti of the Shura Council for Mujahedeen. Furthermore, the Egyptian Sisi has responded in a televised speech preformed in military conference through sidelines “We want Ashmawy to serve time in prison”. (france24)
Ashmawy have joined Ansar Beit al-Maqdis in 2012, immediately after he left the Egyptian army. More over in 2013 ashmawy was forced to be found in Libya, before “al-Maqdis vowed loyalty to the Islamic State group”. More over Ahmad Al-Mesmari, the Libyan army spokesman said in June 2017 “the Egyptian terrorist Ashmawy was involved in the attack in Minya in Egypt, which killed about 29 Coptic Christians”. (Egypt independent)
Task “5”
Suspicious similar packages sent to democrats in New York

Prominent figures include Barack Obama the Former U.S. President, Hillary Clinton the former Secretary, CNN, and many other high profile democrats have received the same suspected packages bombs. The packages were delivered few days before congressional elections, which can threaten democrats from giving their voices freely. (USA Today)
Moreover, the FBI claimed that this act is considered to be terrorism, as the bomb threats the result of elections in whether Democrats or Republicans will have the control over from one or both houses of in congress. However, democrats now will be afraid as they will lesser than the republicans. Furthermore the U.S. President Donald Trump considered what happened stating that “Any acts or threats of political violence are an attack on our democracy itself”. Furthermore he told a political rally in Wisconsin that the FBI is doing a “strong investigation”. (Reuters)
The number of the packages is not determined yet, however FBI discovered that none of the packages was an explosive one and no one is injured.
Task “6”
Russia will respond if United states withdraws from INF arms treaty

Vladimir Putin the Russian president have claimed on Wednesday, October, 24 that Russia’s reaction will be similar even more effective to United States if the U.S. decides to withdraw from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces arms treaty (INF). (Ahram Online)
Putin has responded four days later after Donald Trump the U.S. President has declared that the U.S. would withdraw from INF arms treaty. Although Putin alert that Russia will be forced to target any European country, which will be hosting U.S. nuclear missiles. “If the United States decides to withdraw from the treaty, the significant question is what they are going to with their newly available missiles. If they will send them to Europe, naturally our response will have to mirror this” said Putin. (Reuters)
The two officials are expected to be found in Paris on November, 11 in order to end up this issue. The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty was signed in 1987 by the United States and the Soviet Union. The treaty forbidden the two countries from producing or their nuclear, conventional ground-launched ballistic, and cruise missiles that varies from 500 to 5,500 kilometers.

17145086677500Task “7”
World’s largest hepatitis C campaign to be launched in Egypt
Hala Zayed the Minister of Health announced that the world’s largest medical hepatitis c campaign under the president Abd Al-Fatah Al Sisi will be launched on Monday, October,1.The testing for hepatitis c will run from October 2018 until April 2019, targeting people with age from 19 to 59.
Zayed added that before they launched the campaign, they discovered out 888 cases with positive results. Furthermore, she said that the ministry added a new chamber specialized in collecting various types of data ranging from population dense areas to campaigns results.

Egypt has reached the highest number of hepatitis c patients. One example is Ahmed Saed, who is 59 years patient coming from lower class. When Saed’s family knew about his case, they isolated him alone. Saed’s family thought that the virus could be transmitted through casual contact with patient, whether it’s through sharing same eating and drinking utensils or through shaking hands. “No one will feel the pain, only people suffering from same disease will know how hard hepatitis c is” said saed.
Experts said also responded that hepatitis c cannot be easily transmitted by saying that “every 24 use of contaminated syringe the probability of getting infected is very low”. (Independent)

Task “8”
11176078422500Hackers accessed personal data of millions Facebook accounts
Facebook has announced on Friday, October 12 that hacker’s stole personal data of 29M accounts in the world’s security breach disclosed by the social network late last month. Furthermore, hackers have affected other 1 million accounts, however they failed to get information from their accounts.

Additionally, Facebook claimed that in most accounts hackers accessed some personal data include names, email addresses or phone numbers. Moreover, in other 14 million accounts, hackers were able to get more data, such as the hometown, the recent 10 locations people checked in, and even the last 15 searches. Facebook didn’t get any information about where the hacked users are, but claimed that the breach was “fairly broad”. Also, Facebook plans to send hacked accounts messages to apologize.
Facebook said that other apps that require a Facebook login whether its WhatsApp, Instagram, or twitter doesn’t get affected by this breach. They also add that FBI is doing a strong investigation. Lastly, Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook CEO, said that “the hackers were so professionals that they can view private messages or even post on someone’s account without leaving any sign behind”.
Task “9”
British retailers jobs decline at fastest rate since 2008 – BRC
British retailers cut jobs at the fastest annual rate especially over the past three months comparable with records since 2008. The British Retail Consortium said on Thursday, October 26 that the change is due to technological change and growing in employment costs.

According to BRC the employed members decreased by 3 percent when comparing it with the same time in 2016. Also, the worked total hours fell by 4.2 percent.  Last month a European commission survey showed evidence that the expectation of British retailers for employment reached its lowest since 2011.

Recently, supermarkets have been switching to self-scanning while doing their shopping. Also, online stores are now a days competing massively and therefore the need of staff has been decreasing.

The BRC chief executive Helen Dickinson considered the issue by claiming “The challenge for retailers will be in maintaining the pace of productivity improvement as they come up against shortages of the skills needed for a new, digital-dependent industry”.
Task “10”
UK Prime Minister gives the speech on” Brexit”
Teresa May started the speech by condemning the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. She addressed the recent European Union (EU) penalties on the use of chemical weapons and anyone who seeks to do harm. Adding her collaboration with the Dutch prime minister to prevent cyber-attacks such as what was carried out against the organization for prohibition of chemical weapons. Furthermore, claiming the importance of how EU leaders must work together to eliminate people trafficking and prevent illegal migration. She emphasized the importance of focusing on Asian trade as UK leaves the EU.

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