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5.2. The timing of a capacity change
Capacity change of a procedure is not basically an issue of approving the best scope of an extra capacity. The procedure in like manner needs to choose when to bring ‘on the new capacity. For example, Figure 8. shows the approximation requirement for the new air-conditioning unit. The association has selected 400-units-per-week plants with them to deal with the finish goal to be concerned about the improvement in the requirement for its fresh item. In selecting when the new plants are to be introduced the association must select a point wherever between two extreme strategies:

? capacity leads demand – scheduling the introduction of capacity so that there is always suitable ability to see of approximate demand;
? capacity lags demand – timing the introduction of potential in order that demand is always identical to or greater than capacity.
Figure 8. (an) and (b) displays these two amazing strategies, in spite of the fact that practically the organization is probably going to take a position somewhere among the two. Every strategy has its own strengths and weakness. The real method taken by any organization will rely on how it sees these strengths and weakness. For sample, if the organization’s entrance to assets for capital consumption is restricted, it is probably going to locate the lasted capital expenditure demand of the capacity-lagging strategy pretty attractive

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