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According to Armstrong (2009), leadership is the process of inspiring people to do their
best to achieve a desired result. It can also be defined as the ability to persuade others
willingly to behave differently. The function of team leaders is to achieve the task set for
them with the help of the group. According to Nzuve (2007), to a large extent the
attitude of the rank and file towards safety is a reflection of the attitude of their
supervisors. Line managers should set examples not merely by telling but by
demonstrating the seriousness of safety and health measures.
Accidents are partly the fault of individuals, partly of technology and partly of the result
of such factors as group attitudes and improper supervision. In light of this, safety must
be considered as the responsibility of the whole organization (Cullen, 2002). Any
attempt to departmentalize it one common technique for reinforcing safe practices is
implementing a safety incentive program to reward workers for their support and
commitment to safety goals .Initially programs are set up to focus on improving short
term monthly or quarterly goals or to encourage safety suggestions (Gerhart,
Hollenbeck, Noe &Wright, 2008), may inevitably lead to confusion and inefficiency.
Safety program could succeed through formulation of safety policy that aims at making
the place of work safe in all aspects. Such a policy should be in writing and issued as an
official statement by top management, safety education for all levels accident analysis
and enforcement of safety rules. Dohery & Tyson (2000) argue persuasively that

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