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Aims, Scope, Goals, and Outcomes
The aim of this change project, is to raise awareness among all physicians, NP’s, and RN’s in the center about the rational use of prescription drugs in adults over 65 who attend the center, in order to curb the risks of polypharmacy to which patients may be exposed, when it is decided to start a therapeutic guide in search of solutions or improvement of a health problem. Emphasis will be placed on the tools that allow the patient to know their own needs and reactions adverse to the intake of drugs. The realization of this change project is determined by the importance that is gaining in our society the third age logical consequence of the increase in life expectancy, as well as the direct relationship that has polypharmacy with the patient over 65 years. A good prescription is essential to have an optimal state of health. Special emphasis will be given to polypharmacy in its four aspects, a number of drugs administered, adverse drug reaction, risk factors for adverse reactions in the elderly patient, and diseases that are most frequently associated with polypharmacy. Studies show that the number of drugs per older adult patient ranges from 5 to 7 medications and this can be reduced by half simply by measures of health education (Scott, Hilmer, Reeve, Potter, Le Couteur, Rigby, & Jansen, 2015). The evidence-based research suggests that it would be convenient to instruct clinicians, nurses, and pharmacists in clinical sessions about the pharmacology area of both the pharmaceutical industry and its administration (Söderlund, 2018).

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