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The Concept of air assault in modern armies is not new. Some of the development, armies have integral components of air assault which gives them a quantum jump in achieving speedy results in the battle field. Employment of this force multiplier in war against terrorism is yet another facet that has proved its usefulness. The recent surge in terrorist activates has enhanced the focus on maintenance of technologically smart and well trained forces to effectively combat the menace of terrorism, in addition to being able to exploit the situation when employed within the operational framework.
The post 9/11 scenario saw Pakistan assuming a key role in the global war against terrorism. Areas close to the Afghan border are generally mountainous and inaccessible by land in a given time frame, thus demand for the employment of such force. In synchronization, with the emerging demands of the internal security and battle field environments, air assault training has assumed significance in the Pakistan Army.
The employment of air assault elements in conjunction with ground operations would enhance the speed and flexibility besides a reasonable degree of surprise. Though, not as highly trained as the Special Service Group, yet availability of air assault elements to the formations, would definitely reduce the employment of Special Service Group in own area of responsibility. Special Service Group would be available for carrying out more destructive tasks, as required by Armed Forces Headquarters elsewhere.
Keeping above in view, carryout a detailed study to evaluate the concept of air assault and the envisaged employment of air assault troops with a view to ascertaining its role in the future war as part of Armed Forces Headquarters operations and anti-terrorist/internal security tasks along with suitable recommendations for imparting necessary changes in organisation and training at Army/formation/unit level.

The Air Assault troops are strategic assets and due to their inherent flexibility can be employed in cash as well as trans frontier operations. With introduction of concepts like Low Intensity Conflicts and Asymmetric Warfare speed has become an element of paramount importance. Pakistan is a country facing threats of the same nature and there is a dire need to evaluate measures in order to counter these.
In view carryout an evaluation of the genesis of Air Assault Concept, with a view to recommending suitable measures for adoption in Pakistan Army.

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