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Airbus invests 150 million euros per year in the A330 program to deliver continuous innovation to this jetliner product line, which results in lower costs and better operations for the A330-300. Just like all Airbus planes, The A330-300 uses the fly-by-wire digital control system, but also combines several new features. This increase includes weight reduction in aircraft frames, the introduction of modern passenger cabin features, and system improvements to improved engine and advanced navigation systems in the cockpit. They also cause longer maintenance checks.

The further enhancement of the A330 comes with the launch of its maximum off-take weight capacity which increased to Airbus up to 242 metric tons. With this increase, the benefits of the A330-300 from 500 nautical miles from a distance, up to 6,350 nautical miles (11,750 km.) With 277 passengers, and carry nearly five tons more load than the previous 235-ton aircraft. In terms of operation, the A330-300 weight loss postage can connect to the following pairs of cities: London to Tokyo; Frankfurt to Cape Town; Beijing to Melbourne; Beijing to San Francisco; Kuala Lumpur to Paris; and Los Angeles to Dublin.

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By the way, this aircraft already make a new option engine with is building the success of the well-known A330 family, Airbus officially launched the A330neo which includes versions of the A330-800neo and A330-900neo in July 2014 as the newest member of the A330 Family, A330neo is a truly modern aircraft that shares the value of a leading product line product in the Airbus market within unmatched cost efficiency for airlines and the comfort of passengers.

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