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Apart from ensuring that the financial records are recorded accurately and reported in accordance to the International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS), finance department is responsible for statutory compliance with the relevant regulating bodies, practicing good corporate governance whilst growing shareholders’ wealth.
The policy of the company is to carry out business in a manner beyond reproof by ensuring the financial statements are prepared using the appropriate accounting policies and standards with reasonable and prudent judgements and in conformity with IFRS and the law.
The department also ensures that the taxes due to the government are paid within the stipulated timelines and all the returns filed with the relevant bodies.
Ndarawetta ensures all its dealings are in conformity with the relevant tenets of good governance. On this, the department ensures that the provisions made are accurate and timely to ensure that the board discharges its duties. Additionally, the executive committee supports the board through making sure that the internal control policies and procedures are adhered. This, ensures there is transparent and accurate disclosure of the financial information for audit purposes.
In addition to the above, the company ensures independence of auditors, by maintaining professional and formal interaction with the auditors.
In order to create good business relationship with the business partners and to ensure shareholders wealth grows through a sustainable business model, the finance department ensures that the out-growers are paid on a timely basis. This is achieved through systems and investment in accounting personnel.
Ndarawetta has developed business plans that the finance department assist in preparation, analysing and interpretation to assist in realizing the plan.
transparency and accuracy of financial information with timely provisions being made regularly for board decision making purposes and disclosures thereof to auditors for conformity with tenets being accorded.

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