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Apple Watch Description
The Apple Watch is new, smart, technology introduced to the world by Apple Inc. It operates by connecting to an Apple iPhone. It is used for many different things like, sending/receiving messages, making/receiving phone calls, alerts, and for accessing different applications that are connected to the iPhone.
The main goal of this description is to give details to the new user about the functions and purpose of the Apple watch. The watch comes in many different series but are physically the same. The Apple watch functions as a calendar, phone, watch, health tracker, timer, music player, fitness device, photos, use Siri, get directions, and check mail. The user is able to personalize as one wishes through the apple watch application on the iPhone. Majority of the same apps on the iPhone will link to the watch for use on it as well. But, the Apple watch is accessible after a passcode is entered just like the requirement on the iPhone. All this is accessible by the touchscreen.
The Apple watch comes in two different sizes. They are 38mm and 42mm, which measures the face of the watch. The widths are 33mm and 36mm., with a depth of 10mm. The weight measures at 25-30mm. The watch has a glass face surrounded by aluminum material. The connects with the strap on each side, which will snap in a hole around the wrist. The original strap is rubber but there are metal and plastic bands that allows this watch to be changed per preference.
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On the side of the watch, you will see a home button and a digital crown, round wheel. Below that, there is a button to push to access the stored contacts.
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On the back of the watch, there are many functions. These functions are outlined on the back. It entails a big round magnetic section that allows the watch to be charged with a magnetic charging cable. Inside of this, there is a dual core processor and lithium ion battery. The battery life has up to 18 hours of use. The overall function and specifications as mentioned above describe what the Apple watch entails. Once synced with the iPhone, the abilities go on.

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