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Article Critique
The article spirituality and wellness in medicine: An Ethical Task by Freezer Et al. (2017) is studies about the spirituality and wellness in medicine where its in related to the ethical task in our life. Basically, this article contains four points that discussed by the author exclude the historical background of the main idea.

From the introduction, it says that the patient, they don’t even know why they get sick. When we get sick, of course that there’s a lot of question and curiosity arise regards to why we get sick, is it because of something happen to our body or anything else that has cause us to sick. Then we started to think beyond our expectations. Yes it’s the fact that we cannot expect that we got sick and what type of sick that we faced. Unless that we can predict for it and has that kind of signs and symptoms. But still only the experts person can help us into it. According to Molly Edmonds (2011) there are various infirmities that can harrow the human body, extending from carsickness to colds to cancer. The earliest physicians thought that illness and disease were a sign of God’s anger or the work of evil spirits. Hippocrates and Galen propelled the idea of humorism, a hypothesis which held that we become ill from irregular characteristics of the four fundamental substances inside the human body, which they recognized as blood, mucus, dark bile and yellow bile.
In the next paragraph which is historical background, it’s actually says about the background and what in an ancient year has relating to the spiritual care. I am a bit confused and a bit hard for me to understand this paragraph at first. It is not straightforward to the main issues. Just the beginning of the paragraph and the rest is quite hard to understand. The audience have to read few times before proceed to the next statement. Based on my understanding, in the past year, the villagers depending
on the doctors for their spiritual care. All the issues that relating to our self spiritual are being managed by the specialist. In the eastern countries, there is a connection between the spirituality and the body and the mind of a person. Based on this statement, according to Michael J (2008) we fortify the body to still the mind and we still the mind to free the spirit. There is a lot of important issues that might help in healing and help in well-being of the patient and non-patient in their regular life. The author has stated Zen as shown in the figure 1 as one of the concept that can be considered for healing and well-being. According to John Staughton (2016) the word Zen is derived from the chinese word ch’an, which is directly taken from indian sanskrit word dhayana, which means meditation. One of the numerous advantages of Zen meditation is that it gives understanding into how the mind functions. Likewise with different types of Buddhist contemplation, Zen practice can profit individuals in heap ways, including providing tools to help adapt with depression and anxiety issues.

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Figure 1: Zen Buddhism
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The author has also included the biophysical social spiritual model. According to Wikipedia the biopsychosocial model was proposed by George L. Engel in 1977 to better reflected the development of illness through the complex interaction of biological factors (genetic, biochemical, etc), psychological factors (mood, personality, behavior, etc.), and social factors (cultural, familial, socioeconomic, medical, etc.).

Next, the author discussed about faith. Faith is basically regards to a human basic force. In this paragraph, the things that the author discussed is can be easily understood. According to the journal from faith is hard and does not come easily. Much the same as the muscles of the body, faith must be practiced to develop. You may go one inch the main day, two inches the second day, three inches the third, and so on. Much the same as with some other action into which you are growing, faith must be practiced each day.
In the fourth paragraph, they discussed about the religion and healthcare. It says that in religion, it’s mostly regards to express the inner spiritual beliefs. We all know what religion is, but some of us maybe having a difficulty to explain it by words. In this paragraph, the definition or even explanation of religion is not clear. According to the journal from the web of religion is the set of beliefs, feelings, dogmas, and practices that define the relations between human being and sacred or divinity. A given religion is characterized by particular components of a network of devotees: doctrines, sacred books, rites, worship, sacrament, moral prescription, interdicts, organization. The dominant part of religions have created beginning from a disclosure dependent on the praiseworthy history of a country, of a prophet or an astute man who taught a perfect of life. I agreed with the statement that, most people claim religion is so important in their life. Yes it’s indeed. We can’t deny it. Besides this statement, there is a lot of the allegations we need to care about. According to the authors, sometimes the lack of financial incentive or lack of job makes people more focused on their real problems or life and they don’t have time for religion. Other than that, lack of a suitable environment also plays a major role because sometimes the environment is the main, and most important thing that pushes people to spirituality or makes some decision. The author also show the percentage result on the spirituality and religion survey in 2006 for the highest and the lowest religion in America.

Besides that, the another paragraph which is the discussion of wellness, the authors refer to the other article which is Swarbrick, in 2006 that shows how wellness is a compound of eight different components. As shown in figure 2 learning about the Eight Dimensions of Wellness can help us to choose how to make wellness a part of your everyday life. Wellness strategies are practical ways to start developing healthy habits that can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. This statement is according to SAMSHA (2017).

Figure 2: Eight dimensions of wellness
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Lastly, the physician role and ethics issues. As we know, a primary physician function is to make the patient feel better. The article by Stephen J et al. in 2012 says that ninety percent of the visits by patients to doctors are, according to McKewen, caused by conditions that are either self-limited or beyond the capabilities of medicine. Thus, if physicians do make patients feel better most of the time, then it is chiefly because the physician can console the patient or give prescription that is mildly palliative. In this paragraph, the authors has mentioned about the eight ethical issues which can improve the outcome of those patient. For me, the explanation of the eight ethical issues can be understood. It also contains the example and solution on what the physician need to do regarding the issues. Compare to there is some article that just explain the point and not include the example or further explanation. This is important so that the readers can understand more on that particular issues and can be applied in our regular life. Other than that, it also attracts the audience to read the article which the information is complete and compact.

As a conclusion, overall of this article the physician needs to be sensitive to each patient as a person, needs to maintain the hope, express interest for which they are and explore fears and doubts with the patient. This article is actually a great article which teach us on the things that we didn’t know and increase our knowledgement regards to spirituality with medical, restoration and religion. Apart from that, this article didn’t contain any methods or questions that conducted for the survey but the ideas the collected is actually from the other authors, and they compile it as a new article for us to read. When I red it at first, I’m a bit lost because the arrangement of the main idea is not arranged. It’s a bit confusing. But then


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