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As you get older (35+) your bones become more fragile, which can expose you to the likelihood of developing a particular bone disease named Osteoporosis. As you get older your bone mass and density decreases, however with osteoporosis it does so at a much faster rate, because of lost tissue, consequently proning you to sprains, fractures and breaks.
Rarely Osteoporosis results in long-term damage to the bone- although Osteoporosis is usually not painful yet the likelihood of breaks, sprains etc, that a victim is exposed to results in painful damage such as a fracture (commonly hip wrist or spinal) which equals to long-term chronic pain, something as small as a sneeze can cause the spine to collapse, or a fracture.
Cures for Osteoporosis can be as easy as changing your lifestyle choices, such as regular exercise and being healthy.

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