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Rock Street, San Francisco

Based on the analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data gathered from the residents, house and construction development leaders, the two selected kebele executive leaders, hospital and health managers, health extension workers and FGD from sanitation and beautification workers the major findings of the study were presented as follows. The summary is presented according to the objectives of the study.
5.2.1. Current Practices of Solid Waste Management
The results of this research finding shows majority of residents, interviewers and FGD participants in the town dissatisfied with the current practice of solid waste management that get from respondents . There is no clear standard for disposal solid waste material it simply thrown in the street, open space and around the house avoid to burn in traditionally. With respect to awareness creation for the residents on how properly manage solid waste and impacts of poor solid waste management; leaders have no plan to make continuous awareness creation on SWM for the residents. Leaders of the town have less experience in sharing vision of solid waste for the residents and for stakeholders. Leaders and stakeholders have a limitation in conducting strong monitoring and evaluation on solid waste management activities in a sustainable way. Regarding to managing human resources involved in solid waste management, the data revealed that even though the delegated bodies are trying in organizing and leading employees,’ kebele

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