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Business Management
( BUS 2043 )
May 2018
Lecturer name: MR GOPAL A/L PERUMAL
Tan Pey Sy SUKD1800908
Chong Fui Ying SUKD1800305
Wang Zhe RuSUKD1702876
Zhang Zhi Fu SUKD1800558
Lu Qian SUKD1800480
Table of Content
NO Title No page
1 Introduction 4
2 Type of business organization
3 Vision and mission 6
4 Goals and objective
5 SWOT analysis
6 POLC 11-12
7 Recommendation to motivate employee
8 Conclusion 15
9 Reference 16

Executive summary
This report is about as a director of the company, an enterprise that we would like to develop and own in the future. We will be explaining the type of your business organization, how we will set our vision, mission, goals, and objectives as long as with our product and services. However, this written assignment required to explain how can we make use the management functions which is POLC. POLC stands for Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the business operations and in coordinating the work of company employees with professional management skill.
The strategic and operational plans of our own company. Organization chart of our company which includes the organizational structure and design of job scope.After that, we would like to evaluate the organizational environment using SWOT to strategize our business which is strengthening, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Based on the SWOT analysis we tend to operationalize the action plans to move our business forward to attain the set goals and objectives of our XL chicken company.
Last but not least, we will come out with the recommendation on how to motivate our employee in our company in order to upgrade the skills and develop positive action to able to achieve the business objective.

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XL chicken is a brand of a new name company and it is an easy food self-service restaurant. The food of fried chicken was a special made fried chicken that can service customer demand and let our customer have a different experience of the fried chicken.

To achieve our vision and objective, we all work harder to manufacture the best fast food restaurant in the foreseeable future and increase the shareholder value and deliver sustainable growth year after year. Our mission is to gratify our customer in order to create an improved society.

Besides that, we have the SWOT analysis which can help us to recognize our good and ensure that our company has a good management. Last, there are also the ways that we motivate our employee in the business.
Type of business
XL chicken is a company that we had rearrange for several years. The aim we tend to create this company isn’t just for income, we build up this company is for the fans of fried chicken, our company can publish more and special type of fried chicken that’s distinctive and pleasant business or legal entity and it’s included once it’s incorporated by a group of shareholders who have possession of the corporation, showed by their holding of common shares, so as to follow a standard objective.

In our company, the manager has lots of responsibilities. By supervising staff keeping the kitchen running, first professionals take their feet constantly. The manager will be a distribution to the cashier counter and inside the kitchen, so the manager can supervised, determined, evaluated, and coached the employees and facilitated effective training programs.

Besides that, our XL chicken Sdn Bhd restaurant conjointly adopts the home-feeder chicken from Kampung Chicken Farm. They’re one among the famed organic chicken farms in Kuala Lumpur. The cooked chicken is using 11 herbs and spices for seasoning that is 2/3 teaspoon salt, 1/2 tsp thyme, 1/2 is basil, 1/3 oregano ,4 tsp paprika ,2 garlic salt ,3 white pepper cookware made tasty, moist chicken in eight-nine minutes.

The aims and objectives of XL chicken Sdn Bhd are not only to sell chicken to generate profits and make an income, they can be to increase as a company whether gowns to be worldwide business or maybe to spread away up a phew more restaurants around the country to provide an improved service and an improved customer service to beat competitors such as Texas chicken, domino pizza, KFC etc.
The vision of our product is XL chicken to be the first rate the best leading integrated of fast food services restaurants in the worldwide. Our company is having a long-term view and centralize to become the best and outstanding fast food restaurants in the future. We keep on the challenge and do research on ourselves to be the best. By achieving the vision, our product XL chicken will be the best by providing to consumers with high quality and rich in nutrition fast food. We might focus on by providing the high-class experience and cleanliness to make our consumers to feel welcomed and valuable. We seek opportunities to provide for our team in according to their hard work to enhance their personal growth and career progression. Our target is to continually achieve with the very high standard and strictly without any mistakes occur. Moreover, we are aiming to provide high quality and services to improve our product.
The mission of our product which called XL chicken is to maximize profitability, by improving those partner value and growth year by year continually. We started off by opening our first retail outlet located inside the most influential shopping mall as a tester and to survey which will lead us and have an opportunities to able to be the first rate of fast food outlets in Malaysia, it is our main goal since the day we started to sell our product. However, we aim to give a good impact to every single of the customers when they are visiting at our outlet. Our main focus would be serving high-quality food with an excellent of value. Our services are to provide customers with tasting and outstanding service. We might create a loyal customer base and expand the XL chicken chain to a different state of Malaysia. We seek an opportunity by expanding to some several numbers of outlets by this coming three years and able for us to sell more about our product around every single corner in Malaysia.

Grow our business is a common goal this is where objective comes into play. By reaching our vision and mission, we are willing to create a unique menu and add a line of Korean flavor some spicy flavor that will distinguish us from the other competitor of fast food. We will grab every opportunity to innovate and lead the industry on behalf of our customers. We also control costs at all time, in all areas and implement a conservative approach to growth policy. This chicken aims to achieve full satisfaction from our customers in terms of quality, services so in this case, we can maintain a high level of standard among other competitors in these days. However, through committing in the daily operations of the restaurant, improving and professionally to run our operation, our consumers might be sure to receive the most amazing experience in a pleasant atmosphere during each time of their visit. We always fight and strive to build a good image and good fame among all fast food companies in Malaysia. Once we accept the customer’s satisfaction it will automatically create a world of mouth in this case our product will be rising and selling more day by day.

The objective of our product should be including the increasing product awareness among the target customers, by providing services, information, features and so on. First of all, it must be our marketing objective for how we going to promote, advertising, creating word of mouth to the customers out there. Based on this strategy it may helping to set in order to achieve the overall organizational objective. Nowadays, we all know that the people out there every each of them always demand convenience. Our objective is to provide convenience for the consumers. For example, the type of convenience would be provided for the consumers who always rush their time during the work hour, on their lunch time so they can choose to eat XL chicken because purchasing fast food able to help workers to save a lot of time. The second objective is to build awareness regarding the company. There is a lot of different fast food company around the world. Therefore, we are targeting our consumers by providing some special flavor special recipe that is not easy to be found in others fast food restaurants.

SWOT analysis
Strengths Fast: Our Fried chicken is instant Fried. The production time is quick, permitting guests to style the freshest Fried chicken within the shortest time.

Diversified: XL chicken Fried chicken has more than one flavor. We’ve got as several as eight different national cuisines for customers to choose from.

Fresh: our XL chicken Sdn Bhd put together adopts the home-feeder chicken from Kampung Chicken Farm every day.

Weaknesses Not comprehensive: Fried chicken can solely be sold-out as snacks, not as meals for customers to top off.

Quality time: Our Fried chicken must be Fried inside 3 hours, otherwise it’ll greatly have an effect on the style and style.

Unhealthy: Fried chicken could be a high-calorie food that will not be acceptable to health-conscious customers.

Opportunities Culture: Completely different countries have different Fried chicken. By conveyance along the Fried chicken culture of different countries, the guests will be interested in Fried chicken again.

Cooperation: Cooperate with different schools and universities, cooperate regularly in various campus activities, improve brand awareness
Convenience: We have a signature Fried chicken that has been seasoned, in contrast to quick-frozen food. Ours is going to be an underclassman, with a time period of concerning period. Our signature Fried chicken is usually available to customers.

Threats The rise of the prize: Price uncertainty affects everyone in the food industry, from suppliers and producers to restaurant owners and ultimately customers.

Substitute: Fried chicken is a common food. There will be a lot of stores of the same type that will create greater competition
Rent of the shop: Rent will increases vary with economic development. If the rent rises, the operation of the shop will become more difficult to operate.

Planning. XL chicken our company is a new fast food brand. The company’s the aim of marketing direction is to build a most convenient and diversified store image. XL Chicken came to mind when the guest wanted to eat Fried chicken. XL Chicken sells chicken that is different from all the others. All our Fried chicken is Fried with different seasonings which our product might stimulate new interest in fried chicken. We will plan to open two branches in IoI-mall and Mid-valley. When the new store opens, there will be a three-for-one discount in order to attract customers give an offer.

Organizing. The way we do business is mainly the physical store sales. So we will have three departments, logistics center for raw materials, sales stores and accounting department. Each of the three divisions is independent and reports to the CEO on a weekly basis.

Culture. The culture of our company is that customers are the most important and 200 percent of the service is used to satisfy customers’ 100 points of evaluation. The internal working culture of the company is to follow the company’s working procedures. In case of any conflict, communicate and coordinate immediately. Employees need to respect and care each other. After that, Social network. The company will set up special social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Weibo to let customers know all the new products launched by the company. Customers able to view and get notification in all our latest deals on these social accounts also held some draw prizes regularly to give back to customers in order to give satisfaction from the consumers.
Meanwhile, leading In the leadership of the company, the most powerful person in each department is the minister, while the leader of the sales store is the store manager. When those major decisions are made by the particular department, all staff will be collected first. The decision will be made after a meeting between the CEO of the company and the minister. When employees have any difficulties or Suggestions about work or life, they can send an email to the CEO’s mailbox, which only the CEO can check. The CEO will make appropriate solutions based on the situation.

Each department will be divided into three groups, and each month will be rewarded according to the performance of each group. When team members make mistakes, the whole group needs to take responsibility and duties together.
Last one will be controlling. The company will conduct performance evaluation according to the monthly turnover, and customer evaluation is one of the important standards. Each department has a monthly performance standard and is warned if it falls below that level for two consecutive months. When an emergency occurs, such as the quality, complaint and safety of goods, it should be reported to the minister as soon as possible. The customer’s feelings must be the first consideration.

Recommendation to motivate employee
Motivation plays an essential role in improving employees’ performance. Over existing literature, the effective use of motivational tools facilitate to mostly improve employees’ performance, and reciprocally serving to corporations to realize its organizational objectives and goals more effectively and expeditiously. This section suggests five motivational tools that the company could use to effectively motivate their employees, and these five suggested motivational tools falls beneath intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.
The intrinsic motivation is basically to give psychological impacts to employees to stimulate their effects and responsibilities for the assigned tasks and works. Therefore, the intrinsic motivation excludes the use of external attractions to employees. Below are the two suggested intrinsic motivation tools to be used by the company;
Power Distribution/Work Autonomy. The power distribution or work autonomy is to give employees the power and authority to make decisions for the job. This is more towards the decentralized business operations. When employees have more power and having authority to make decisions for their works, they can conduct the work or task based on their own knowledge and experience, and in return, the work or task can be completed effectively and efficiently.
Work Recognition. The word recognition is the most basic intrinsic motivational approach to be used by all companies, and it is also the most prominent approach to motivate employees intrinsically. When employees performing their works at positive increases, employees deserve to be recognized for their efforts for improving their work performance. The managers or management should praise these employees in order to provide psychological positive feelings so that they will work harder to achieve better performance in their next task and work.
The extrinsic motivation is to use external stimulation to employees to improve their performance. Over existing literature, it shows a greater emphasis on the changing behaviors of employees toward demanding more extrinsic motivation than intrinsic motivation such as financial and financially equivalent motivations, and below suggested three extrinsic motivations to the company;
Performance-Based Bonus. The performance-based bonus is to provide extra financial values other than their fixed wage or salary. When employee hit certain performance level, the rate of bonus is given to them, and the more employees achieve, the more financial bonus that they will receive upon their performance. This is the most prominent approach as all employees are a desire to maximize their earnings and financial returns from the company. However, this requires the company to develop the realistic bonus plan for the performance of employees in a different part of the business operations.
Job Promotion. Job promotion is also the commonly seen to be approach to motivate employees. This is to select employees who have excellent work performance over the past and giving them the opportunity to promote them to higher positions when there are vacant internal positions.
Annual Reward. The annual reward is also to select few numbers of employees and to distribute a large sum of financial and financially equivalent rewards such as a mixture of money and year-end trips to employees. The reward giving on the yearend is a large amount of money which is attractive to all employees. This will provides the long-term motivation to employees in a year.

Our company makes sure that we have some long-term plan in the different field of the XL chicken and expand our main special service to the diverse industry.

A long-term plan is to invest our chicken shop in the shopping mall , food palace , universities and colleges .and set some main courses , sessions and colorful meal that cannot copy from us .we have to expand more meals and more fast foods for those who is office lady and office man . Our company will often post some free-charge meal for a customer in order to enhance the restaurant’ customers.
We set a double-check group to find out the problems of chicken quality and make sure that we offer a good quality chicken for our customers and we also control every production with a standard cost in order to get a higher profit and maximize the shareholder value . In the process of chicken , we make some formulas for every chicken and put Korean , Chinese , American , England flavor to our automated line to get more food and reduce our cost. We also are aiming to get 100 percent service satisfaction from the customers and decorating the restaurant that looks like a happy atmosphere during eating we set a fund to help those who are without the food and donate hundred thousand chickens for them.

For our objective, we find the different ways to promote our XL chicken using social media Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and so on .because pp is a powerful tool , and posing our advertisement to TV MRT and bus soon .for our service ,we need to make sure that we offer regular service training to our staff by teaching how to service customers and solve the urgent problems when something is wrong and we offer extra rewards and subsidy to our staff using Maslow’ theory to motivate our staff to work well.

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