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By Steven Pink: The big puncher has always held a special place in the heart of the boxing fan. Since the inception of the sport, boxing’s concussive hitters have drawn the crowds, provoked expectations and thrilled audiences the world over. Anytime a renowned knockout artist steps into the ring a palpable frisson of excitement is to be expected. Boxing remains the only sport where a seemingly unassailable lead can be rendered obsolete in the blink of an eye.
Nothing keeps a boxing fan on the edge of their seat more readily than the thought of a brutally conclusive ending. Artistry and panache, ring generalship and defensive flair draw the plaudits of the most avid aficionados yet a knockout communes directly with the soul of the most casual fan. Violently abrupt, visceral and uncompromising the knockout is boxing’s most enduring trump card.
Edwin Valero, throughout his seven-year professional career, has made a habit of knocking out those placed in front of him in a boxing ring

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