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Choosing your divorce attorney is one of the first significant decisions in your divorce process, especially since this choice could affect your future relationship with your spouse.

We’ve put together a guide on how to choose a divorce attorney below. When you’re ready, setup a free initial consultation with Jennifer Nixon to learn more about how she can work with you in your situation.

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Know Your Goals
Collaborative Divorce
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It’s important to know your goals because one divorce attorney may be more experienced with prenuptial agreements or collaborative divorce, while another may have more experience with orders for protection or parenting time.

Also, some attorneys regularly represent clients in divorces, while others take only a few cases per year. Those attorneys who represent clients in divorces on a regular basis are more likely to be experienced with different processes and what might be right for you, other professionals who could be involved in your case, and other attorneys.

Ensure you know exactly what you’re looking for in an attorney before you start to search.

Research Divorce Attorneys
Once you know what your goals are, find a few attorneys in your area who will help you with those goals. If you know others who have used divorce attorneys, ask who they used and if they would recommend them. Other professionals you work with, like your counselor or a realtor, might also have recommendations of divorce attorneys.

You also want a variety of attorneys to consider, because besides vetting them online, you’ll want to meet them in person.

Meet In Person
Set up an in-person consultation with the divorce attorneys you’re most comfortable with after your research. Give them some information about your case ahead of time so they can read it over and be prepared.

Divorces are very personal, so you will want to find an attorney who you feel comfortable with. The best way to do this is to meet in person and ask them about your case, their approach to divorce cases and how they will work with you.

You should be prepared with some questions as well, to help you decide who’s right for you.

Have Questions Prepared
Some sample questions you may be able to use, depending on your particular case:

What amount of your practice is family law?
How will you involve me in my case?
What kind of experience do you have in handling cases like mine?
What is your retainer fee and hourly billing rate? What does that include?

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