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Cole Herdman
Dr. Art Dematteo
HIST 208-03W
September 14, 2018
Writing assignment #5
Booker T. Washington was a man of many interests and was an American educator, also an author, an orator, and plus an advisor to the presidents of the united states around 1890’s to 1915’s. He was a dominant leader for the African American community. Booker T. Washington was also the last generation of the black American leaders born from slavery and became a leading voice from former slaves and descendants. Now Washington was a key component in the African American businesses and one of the founders of the national business league.

He was the man who gave the Atlantic compromise speech which also made him a national fame. Washington was able to mobilize an antiunion coalition of the middle-class African Americans, church leaders, and plus politicians with long term of goals. Now W.E.B. Dubois was a little different, he was an American sociologist a historian a civil rights activist and a pan-Africanist also did you know he is an author and a writer plus an editor. Now that’s crazy! He is one of the founders for the National Association for the advancement of colored people or known as (NAACP). Dubois rose was able to rise as a national leader of one of the most important and best movement, the Niagara movement, it was a group of African American activists all they wanted was to have the equal rights that all black African Americans. Him and his supporters also opposed that the Atlanta compromise from just an agreement compromise by booker t. Washington also provided the southern African Americans would work and submit to the white political rule, then while southern white Americans guaranteed that the Africa Americans would receive a basic educational and an economic opportunity.

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All in all, these two are basically like a sword and a shield, one is aggressive and always having different ideas and the shield one is defending themselves to the point that they want to be able to have their own rights to do what they want. But Booker T. Washington was honestly the better spokesperson here because he is a man of knowledge and power he has the will to defend for what he has the right for and will defend for his life to get that option to live a better life.

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