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In conclusion, many factors work together to assist in overcoming challenges. The movie Remember the Titans provides an excellent study of leadership principles and challenges in the imperfect environment typical to real life leadership scenarios. Coach Boone is a great example of a leader. Boone provide a good example of the difference between leaders and managers.
Lastly, reflecting on my experience with team-oriented sports. As a team evolves and changes players start to recognize who they are and where they want to go as a team. Each player on the team learns to have respect and loyalty for one another. Each becomes leaders on that team. All players and coaches learn that if one has to sit and fight about something, then they all need to band together. It is very important to create relationships with the team members, as it is crucial in management. The players will see they all have credibility and become motivated to work harder and work towards a team goal. With a clear vision of the goal and team work the team and individual are able to accomplish anything.

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