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Cultural Relativism is a practice of viewing the beliefs from its own perception. Rachels view the cultural relativism as an invalid argument because according to Him there are three problems with cultural relativism and there are the following; First, the argument wherein according to Him “different cultures have different moral codes.” This statement applies to the different codes and norms of every society. Rachels’ acknowledge it, however he concluded that “therefore there’s no objective moral truth in morality. Right and wrong matter of opinion and these standards vary across cultures”. Second is, the content and lastly the consequence wherein according to Him, “we could no longer say that customs of other societies are morally wrong”. Also, “we could decide whether the actions are right or wrong through looking the practices of our own standard society”. Rachel also states that if the cultural relativism is true then “the idea of moral progress is called into doubt.” Through these points that Rachels’ raised about the theory of cultural relativism, I agree with his argument.

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