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Did you know that a lot of people get away with many crimes yearly? Now you probably think how because that’s impossible. No that’s not true because many people are above the law and they have the power to get away with their crimes. There are 35 % people who get away with their crimes yearly. These numbers are of people who get away with murder. The question you are asking yourself is “How” and I’m going to tell you how different people do it. Anyone can be above the law and with certain things it can be easier for you than for someone else. A good example is if you have a lot of money.
Growing up I use to hear that money is the solution to almost everything and I didn’t use to believe that but today it’s true. Rich people get away with a lot of different things. If you have money the society will accept who you are and so on. But if you look at a person with a smaller amount of money they will have tougher to get away with their crimes. Because they do not have the money to bribe the judge or the police officer. Money is one of the things that can make you above the law but it’s not necessary. But most of the cases there are not a corrupted judge that will say no to money. Even corrupted police officers can be bribed with money and let the criminals go. Money has today affected how some people are living in their life. Rich people think that the amount of money they have they will get things their way. Which it shouldn’t be because we all are people and we are supposed to be judged fairly. Some people can walk free because they are richer than others, justice exists because we are supposed to be served by. How come some people are judged by their crime fairly and they get their punishment, but then a person with a lot of money gets away with their crime. Just because he/she got the money it should depend on if they should get a punishment for the crime or be free and not take their responsibility for it.
On the other hand, there are people who can be above the law with their power. By having a lot of power, you can also get away with your crimes and other things. Some people are more powerful than others, and it gets easier for them to be above the law. For example, a judge or a politician. They have a lot easier to get away because they are well-known and especially if they are good at their work. If you think who will believe a well-known person had committed that crime or accuse them of that. If you work for the government, it’s much easier to get away with your crime because for an example, a lawyer or prosecutor they know many judges and canon that get away with their crime. However, that is not the only way people can have power. Gang members are an example on powerful without working for the system or government because they get their power by manipulating police officers with some cash. In this way, they also get away with certain crimes or with the smaller crimes such as car tickets etc. Here also money comes into the picture.
Why people above the law is an interesting question because it shouldn’t be that way. We all are human, and we should take responsibility for our action. Just because you have money and power you can’t get away with your crimes. Do you think one person is more valuable than another person, how come such as you can get away with your crime just because you have money and power? All human should be equal, and nobody should have the right to not serve their time. But however, I can understand why a corrupted police officer or a judge accepts for example money from the criminal maybe it’s more than their payment. Money is something a lot of people see as lifesaving. Maybe that day this man came up to the police officer or the judge he really needed the money because he will not get a full payment this month.
When it comes to these corrupted polices and judges they have their reasons and instead of judging them, they should search for help and the government should help them. We all go through our own path and have difficult issues that we deal with daily. In many cases, this is not necessary, but a lot of the corrupted polices and judges are men. In these days society, men are weak if they ask for help or if they can’t get through the place they are in their life now. This is wrong, and they don’t need to do illegal crimes to help themselves. Instead, if they would get help for whatever is bothering them, there would be not people above the law. However, if all these people who work for the government should get some appreciation they would see what they are doing is wrong and they are in their place to protect their society. Other solution could be that when it is a trail the government should bring a judge from another city. In this way, it will be a lot harder to bribe the judge because he/she is not well-known that city.

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