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Do you know what is birthday? Birthday is an anniversary of the day on which a person was born to giving someone happiness and enjoyable. It is a time to appreciate someone and create sweet memories with family members and friends. In addition, birthday is a sign for someone to get another chance to continue their journey to fulfil their life goals. Moreover, birthday celebration gives someone the feeling of being prince or princess of the day because on their meaningful day there are going to get a lot of attentiveness. Furthermore, someone can celebrate their birthday celebration in various suitable themes such as Halloween, Fairy Tale and Disney to make the celebration more fun and amazing. Hence, it can celebrate in different places either indoor or outdoor. For example, they can celebrate at home, restaurant and hotel while for outdoor, they can celebrate surround the nature like beach or at their favourite places. Last but not least, birthday celebration can ties the relationship between the family members and close friends by inviting them to join the birthday party and also can widen their social circle.

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