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Driverless Cars offer a fast and simple way of getting from A to B in many circumstances, but in our day and age, are we ready to take our hands off the wheel, and let driverless cars take over?
Driverless cars in australia is the future, and even today we are starting to see the impacts of this technology in our cars. From technology to help drivers stay in their lane, avoid collisions, have become more advanced over the years. And these kinds of features are not just on luxury cars now, they also come on models that everyone can afford. Seeing these features shows us that computers and how we can use them to help us in everyday life is beginning to take hold in making the world, and our roads a better place. It has been proven that nearly 90% of most car crashes are because of human error and not because of damage to the car itself That caused it to crash. this percentage includes incidents like failing to give way Karma alcohol abuse, fatigue and also in-attention. So when we consider implementing driverless cars into the road system in Australia and taking that human factor away from our roads, it’s in turn, making them safer for other drivers and for themselves. Unfortunately for driverless cars to become a viable solution for road safety and convenience in Australia, major improvements to our roads must be considered to make them viable options for people now and in the future when deciding to purchase a driverless car.

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