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Rock Street, San Francisco

Driving with the windows down along Farrington Hwy at any time of the day you can hear the soothing serene call of the ocean. As the waves crash upon the glistening shoreline your nostrils will detect the salty mist mixing with the crisp breeze off of the sea. Traveling westbound, one beach in particular that will stand out from the rest and make you want to pull over to bask in it’s effortless beauty is Nanakuli Beach Park. Growing up just a walking distance away I spent most of my leisure time here.
In the first place, whether it was playing little league baseball throughout my childhood, the numerous family summer camping trips, last days of school, graduation parties, celebrations of life, days off from work, all the way to just running away from my worries and troubles this beach played a huge role in developing my individualistic character. I spend most of my mornings here to prepare myself for the day ahead. As I approach the entrance I am greeted warmly by the radiant sunlight who peaked its way above the horizon as if it was scared to shed some light.

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