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Effective assessment plays a vital role in demonstrating how a teacher teaches and how pupils learn; it also allows a teacher to reflect on the quality of their own schooling as well as meeting with other teachers to share examples of pupil’s progress and discussing why they think that child is working at that particular level. One of the main responsibilities of the class teacher is to monitor and assess pupil achievement in order to observe how all children in the class are progressing, assessing a pupil will also enable a child to recognise their own achievements in order to make progress in their own learning and allow teachers to shape and adapt their teaching to a child’s individual needs.
The teacher is responsible for following the curriculum, planning lessons and providing the necessary resources for the children, she will also develop and adapt learning activities to suit the requirements of individual groups of children who will need them that sets out a clear learning objective so that learner progress can be measured and to make the children aware of their learning intentions, this will decide whether that particular child requires more or less responsibilities in their learning and targets will then be set for the child, if pupils have not made any advancement towards their learning objective, either the learning objective needs to be modified or adapted or the teaching tactics improved. A teacher’s responsibilities towards the children in their care also involve,
• Deliver an ongoing record of each child’s progress in class.
• Inform children about their individual performances and achievement’s.
• Update parents to identify their child’s strengths and areas for development.
• Identify individual educational needs of all the children in their class.

A teaching assistant’s role can also play a vital part when it comes to assessing a child’s progress in class, not only do we supervise children in outside areas and support children in groups but are also involved in assessing a child’s literacy and numeracy performance as well as other subjects in the school curriculum. Teaching assistants provide help and support to both teachers and pupils, as well as supporting children within the classroom in a variety of different areas within subjects, on entering a class that morning teachers should discuss with the teaching assistant about what daily activities will be taking place that day in order for the TA not only to prepare and organise resources but also to have a clear understanding of the learning objective for each activity and to know what they should be doing in order to help the child achieve this. TA’s responsibilities within the classroom also involve helping with teaching provisions, maintain records and liaise with parents.
One of the main roles of a teaching assistant’s job is to relay, explain and support the children in how to do the work correctly and if we find that they are struggling then we must help them to find an easier technique in order for them to reach their targets.
As part of my job role I am part of a ‘Five-minute box’ intervention strategy that is made up of a group of teaching assistants who work with a particular child who requires extra assistance in phonic or numeracy work, the child is supported in whichever area that is needed in order to enhance their education and their developments written on a progress sheet each lesson as feedback to the

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