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Embryonic stem cell research does too much good to be banned. Hello my name is Vinh Phan and I firmly stand on the opposition side of this debate, stating that stem cell research should not be banned. My roadmap for today is to first strengthen my own team’s points, then refute the opponents’ points. My first point states that stem cell research cures diseases. Embryonic stem cell research can cure Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, strokes, diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Lung diseases, and in the near future, many more diseases. 44 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and 10 million people suffer from Parkinson’s diseases. 29 million people suffer from diabetes. All those people have a chance to recover now. Judge, imagine how many people are being saved right now. Onto my second point that we might as well use the unused embryos for a bright medical future. There are 400,000 unused frozen embryos stored across the United States of America, and we are paying $2,000 to store them every year. If they are frozen for long enough, they will start to die. If they aren’t being used, then might as well use them for something beneficial for the entire world. Onto my third point stating that it gives humans a greater knowledge. By researching stem cells, we understand more about the growth process of humans. We learn more about how cells form and interact with one another. We can examine pluripotent cells, both induced and embryonic, to see what information is required for them to turn into a specific tissue cell. With a greater understanding of this micro-environment, we can learn more about what humans are at the very core. This may be important in the future because if we know more about our body, we can come up with simple, easy, and effective ways of healing. REFUTE

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