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Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care

B1 1.3
Discuss ethical dilemma that may arise when balancing individual rights and duty of care.
The definition of ethical dilemma is also known as a moral dilemma, which are situations that there has to be a choice made between two options that are the right or wrong. On the other hand, ethical dilemmas assume that the chooser will obey by social norms, such as codes of law or religious teachings, in order to make the choice ethically impossible and that practitioner’s conflict with their duty of care that is to protect individuals and service users. For example, according to Wyatt.L et al (2017) in a residential care home if a patient has always been lifted by the hoist to get into bed but the patient now wants to be lifted into bed manually, the care worker would have to be aware that they are following the procedures that are required in the care plan in regards of safeguarding them self and the patient.

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Furthermore, another common ethical dilemma experience by both beginner and experienced social workers is the right to confidentiality and the right to self-determination especially in cases of suicidal clients, health care practitioners must respect a client’s right to privacy and confidentiality to promote equality, and they may not confess information about a client without his prior. However, in cases of suicidality or the threat of harm to another person, a social worker is forced to break confidentiality to protect her client and the public.

B2 2.3
Explain how to support others in promoting equality and rights.
In health care settings, equality and rights are very significant because the organisation needs to ensure that patients and service users are meeting all their needs as well as that they have equal access to services in regards of disabled people. For instance, ways of promoting equality and rights would be the code of conduct that sets out the expected conduct of health care workers within the organisation that outlines the behaviour and attitudes you would require so that this would prevent safety within the environment and protecting individuals. In addition, organisations should be providing all staff with the opportunity to complete equality and diversity training as part of their induction and provide regular refresher training to reflect changes in legislation and this will encourage health care workers to have an better understanding.

On the other hand, health practitioners would need to treat and respect every individual equally acknowledge that if they are not following policies and procedures according to The Equality Act 2010 then this would be against the law that can lead to serious problems. In addition, a way of promoting equality and rights would be that the organisation should establish meetings in regards of promoting equality and rights to give a clear understanding.

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