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For easier to understand by readers, this study here are some of the terminology use by researchers and proper means through operational definition.
Culture are the basis of the cultural background of the author it provides individual with an easy way to connect with others who share the same mindset and values. One of the cultures that can be found in three selected songs of Freddie Aguilar is mostly for parents giving advice and guiding their children.
Formalism is one of the literary theory uses by the researchers to emphasize the literary form and the study of literary devices within the text. The researchers examine only within the context of the songs.
Literature are the result of the creativity of Filipinos base on what are the real experiences of the author that is want to communicate through their writings.
Messages are the states on set messages in each song that gives clarity to the expression of three selected songs. It use as a transferring of information that helps a person to understand the purpose of the message of the songs.
Moral values use to define what is right and wrong about the actions and thoughts of a person base on the selected songs. The moral values in the song can be identify and understand about the goodness and badness of individual
Socio-cultural is a literary theory use by the researcher to find out the culture of the song from the past and today’s generation on how their behaviors are affected by their surroundings.

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