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For-profit health financing has failed this nation. Here’s a thought experiment:

Imagine an America where food costs twice as much as it does in most other developed countries.

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Imagine an America where most Americans under the age of 65 get their food from a “food intermediary” chosen by their employer.

Imagine an America where the “food intermediary” can deny people access to lifesaving nourishment.

Imagine an America where corporate food distributors are granted special privileges by the government, then grossly overcharge customers who must either pay up or die.

Imagine an America where the out-of-pocket cost of food is rising much faster than inflation.

Imagine an America where a minimum of 45,000 people die each year because of inefficiencies in our food economy.

Would people across the political spectrum be saying that food is a right that’s being corrupted by profit? Absolutely. And they’d be right.

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