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From the moment a baby is born language development begins and babies can depict the understanding of human facial expressions and gestures. Chomsky’s theory indicates that we are innate with the ability to learn language and the human brain is born ready to acquire language at different stages throughout development

During the first year of a child’s life they are in the pre-speech stage. Most children have acquired the ability to attend to sounds and use gestures such as pointing or reaching as a way of communicating that they want something. They can use eye contact and they begin to use expressive sounds by crying, babbling or cooing to communicate with others.
As children progress from 12months- 4years, there receptive and expressive language becomes more apparent.
During this stage children’s receptive language is enhanced as they listen carefully to the sounds in conversations. They are also able to depict facial expressions as a form of language and will often imitate these. Children can now recognise words for items and will often use these, however some children’s ability to understand words is greater than the ability to produce them, which can make this stage frustrating. (

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