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Gabe Magana
Interview Paper

The person that I had the opportunity to interview was Jessica Yandun. She was my high school Spanish teacher sophomore and junior year. She taught Spanish to Spanish speaking students. I prepared myself to interview her about her college life, however she wasn’t only talking about college, but about her life as a teacher also.

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I met up with Jessica in her classroom after school ended. There were two other high school students with her and we conversated before starting the interview. At the beginning of the interview Jessica was thrilled to be interviewed. She told me how excited she felt because i chose her to conduct my interview to, and how she believed she had a great college experience that she would like to share with me and try to help me with my college life.
I remember her telling me back when i was in her class that she went back to college so she can get her masters degree so she can be able to teach AP Spanish. As the interview went on she began adding how her life started to turn out and how her career began. I was not prepared to ask questions about what being a teacher is like.

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