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Garcia 1
Diana Garcia
Profesor Bauer-Krue
DIRW 302
07 September 2018
Life is so short
There were days where I just wanted to run away and forget about my past, but I would
not go through with the plan. Family and friends would try to cheer me up, hoping they would
get a chuckle or a smile from me. I didn’t see a reason to go out anymore, and I didn’t care about
what was I wearing or how I looked. I was miserable, I was depressed, all due to my friend
passing away. After a few months I dreamed about my dear friend, Julio; it hit me, I had to do
something with my life. I needed to find reasons to go on with life, and the two people who
helped me keep motivated were two amazing people; God and Julio.
Let me start by telling you what made me depressed. On April 30, 2018 it was ?Senior
Skip Day ?, and tradition where seniors skip a day of class. It’s commonly held the Monday
following senior prom. My friends I decided to go to a lake in Glen Rose, called the ?Wheelers
Branch. ?We had a friendly cookout and played some games, after the games we got dressed to
get into the lake. The lake was a little cold but it didn’t bother us much. We played around
pushing each other into the water. We sat on the dock for a while until my friend, Julio, got the
idea of swimming to another dock. At first none of us wanted to go because for one it was a little
far and two, we were so comfortable where we were sitting. After hearing Julio’s whining for a
while, my other friend, Oscar and I deciding to go with him, but we didn’t want to swim all the

Garcia 2
way to the other dock, so we decided to walk closer and swim a shorter distance. As we were
going I felt some seaweeds on my legs, I started to freak out because I hated the feeling. I told
Oscar I didn’t want to go further, so I started to swim back, Julio yells at me to come back but I
told him I didn’t want to. We hear another yell from Oscar, from that moment it went all down
Oscar yells out for help, “I can’t! I’m too tired I can’t swim further!” Julio immediately
jumps into the water and tries to grab Oscar. “Get on my shoulder” was the number one mistake
my dear Julio made. Oscar desperately tries to get on top of Julio; bringing him down to the
water. One of my friends, who was in the water and I tried to swim to them, but it felt like we
couldn’t get to them. I turned around to tell my other friend who was standing at the shore to go
get help and call 911, as I turned back, the last thing I saw was Julio looking at me as I watched
him and Oscar go down into the water and not being able to help them. I get out of the water
and run to a group of people who were on the opposite side of us, I cried out for help yelling
guys jump into the pool and try to find them. My friends and I just sat near the water crying and
crying because it’s been too long since they have been in the water. As soon as the paramedics
came one of the guys found the body of Oscar, the paramedics tried to save his life but Oscar
was already in Heaven. Six minutes later they found Julio. Julio was already purple. They
pumped his chest desperately trying to get pulse, Finally they got one. The care flight shows up,
Oscar and Julio are rushed to the helicopter and leaves. My friends and I stayed at the lake for
an hour, just sitting on the grass, silently.

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Garcia 3
I called my mom and told her what happened, 45 minutes later she arrived. When she
arrived I got a phone call from my friend who went with the paramedics, and she told me Julio
and Oscar had passed away and I just immediately lost it. I started to scream and hit things, I
couldn’t believe it. On the way home I just thought to myself, why did this happen? Why did he
have to leave us? Why couldn’t Oscar just swam back if he was tired? We got home, I went
straight to my room and locked the door. For days I wouldn’t eat, for weeks I wouldn’t go out.
The only time I left my room was to go to Julio and Oscar’s viewings. I went into deep
depression. I never thought about killing myself, just didn’t think life was important. My parents
would try to take me out somewhere but I wouldn’t want to go, why even bother if it’s not going
to make a difference? My little brother who is close to me would sometimes cry because I
wouldn't play with or give him attention. This was my everyday life, until one night I dreamed
about Julio. It was a memory I had with Julio. We were sitting at lunch talking about school and
what we wanted to do with life. He told me “Diana you should always work hard for what you
want and you must live your life the fullest because you never know when it will be your last
day. Always be grateful for what you have and help others when in need.” When I woke up I
started to cry, not only because I got to dream about Julio, but also he made me realize that life is
so short to be depressed. I remember I got up and hugged my parents, I told them I loved them
and that I was so sorry for letting them worry about me so much. I asked if they could take me to
mass since that day was Sunday. When I got there I just started to pray to God to help me get
myself together and to get me on the right path. I started going to church every week, and see my
friends once a week to help me catch up with life. After a few weeks of help, I started to get
better and better. As of today I feel like I am a healthy person who wants to help others who

Garcia 4
were in depression mode like I was and help them find their way back to a normal life because
life is too short to be depressed.

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