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Governments across the world have wasted thousands to millions of pounds on pointless things such as £139,000 into the study of gambling habits of monkeys and £1.6 million on robots that can play jazz. There is a chance that if the government spent money on sending humans to Mars, it would be a waste because humans couldn’t survive. Many people believe that humans could survive and many people believe we couldn’t. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument. This subject is very topical and will have a large impact on people but at a very later date.
You would agree that the center of Antarctica in winter is cold, not the best of places to set up home? Well Mars is far colder! Typical night time temperatures are -70 °C. Occasionally it drops to below -100 °C. It is often cold enough for the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to freeze out as dry ice. A human couldn’t survive those temperatures without technology.
Every Sumer on Mars, roughly every two Earth years, there is a higher chance of global dust storms. These can last for weeks, and the light from the sun drops by over 97%. Though the winds are not hazardous – the dust is as thin as talcum powder, or smoke from a cigarette, or they wouldn’t be lifted at all – and the atmosphere is a near vacuum. The strongest winds would barely move an autumn leaf.

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