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Rock Street, San Francisco

Health and Safety Equipment: Health and safety equipment should include clothing with long sleeves and pants, sun screen, bug spray, first aid kit, information for emergency contacts and site contact information, cell-phone, hat, water, snacks, and water-proof boots. Rain gear and a change of clothes should also be packed in-case of unexpected weather events.
Anticipated Hazards: Anticipated hazards include falls from uneven ground, roots, or rocks. Ticks and poison ivy are likely located on the site. As mentioned before, copperhead snakes may also be present on the site. Long sleeve and deet treated clothing are highly recommended. Snake proof boots are optional but waterproof boots are a must. Heat my also prevent a potential hazard, so ample water, sun screen, and a hat will be brought. The vehicle will not be far away if need to make a visit to hospital or cool down in A/C.

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