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Hey guys my name is Taylor Pugliese. I am from the Princeton area and have lived there my whole life. After high school, I started going to Mercer County Community College under the major Nursing aiming for an associates degree. I already knew that I would go back to school for my bachelors degree, so when I was at Mercer, I decided to just do some pre-requisites for nursing and then transfer into a BSN program. Currently I babysit during the week, and on the weekends I work at an Indian banquet, catering and restaurant and have been there for 5 years now. I started when I was 16, and was able to walk across the street to work, so it was very convenient since I didn’t have a car and I’ve been there ever since.

My whole life, I was always interested in science. Always enjoyed the hospitals and the medical field overall, and I felt that nursing was the perfect fit for me. The most rewarding feeling in the world is to be able to help people and save lives on a daily basis. I wanted to do something that was going to be a challenge everyday and something that made a difference. You will never know what will happen at any given time which makes everyday of work exciting and interesting. You will never get bored, because each day is different. We have the opportunity to learn something new everyday, and work with the most inspiring doctors and other medical staff. There are also a wide variety of specialties that nurses can go into, which offers extremely unique work environments. Being a nurse is one the most challenging, yet rewarding professions out there, and there’s no greater feeling in the world than what nurses have to offer. Eventually, I want to specialize in Pediatrics because of my love for children.

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We all have our beliefs about what nursing is and what it means to us. We have values that are important to us that influence the choices that we make, in relation to our care and treatment towards our patients. In this world, we always need caring, and hard working people. Nursing in an honorable career, and by living in such a diverse country, I feel as though we need to provide safe, and most efficient care, regardless of race, religious beliefs, financial state, or disability. This field isn’t easy, and there are patients and their loved ones who count on us, so I believe that we need to have the responsibility to educate them on conditions, diseases, treatments and their options, and then to support the decisions and choices that they make. My mission is to try my best to create the most positive impact on my patients and their loved ones, walk them through the procedures, the experience overall, and describe the prognosis, to make them feel supported and as comfortable as possible. All of my patients deserve individual attention and care. I also believe that we can provide the best care for others, if we care for ourselves first. We should live a healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally, and emotionally, in order to create positive outcomes for our patients. We are human, we are not perfect, and we make mistakes. We need to problem solve if something doesn’t go as expected, and we need to collaborate as a team. It is always important to take responsibility for our own actions, because we are mentors to other nurses and students, we are role models, and we are an inspiration to the world.

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