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I do what I do – Raghuram Rajan
In the book written by former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, he has stressed on the points of banking, non- performing assets, debt market, resolving distress and the inflation trends in India since years. The book talks about the innovation needed in reaching out to customers in a way to reach the deserved one. Talking about the banking the book talks about the non-performing assets created by bad loans.
Stressing on the point of inflation, the book talks about, the former governor’s, own tenure and how radically the committee of Dr. Urijit Patel, the present governor of RBI, worked to make it possible, and bureaucracy playing a part in RBI making the conditions peculiar.
The book supports the current Government’s (PM Modi Government) take a shot at money related consideration, Make in India and furthermore underlines on significance of ‘Make for India’.

Overall, the book stresses on mutual trust in market and credibility, taking it through the long term plans of the system.

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