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I have chosen Beats & apple music commercial because it clearly shows what they are advertising and, in my opinion, it’s interesting to analyse it.
In the beginning, a small apple music app ad popped out offering us a free three months trial. Also i want to mention that they have invited Taylor Swift to do this commercial. She is one of the biggest artists in the world. Which means that she has a lot of fans and her voice can persuade and influence people to buy what is in the video.
The video starts off with her putting earphones. People might be curious of what brand of earphones Taylor Swift is using. The next step is the app. Before starting a workout she opened an app to choose the song to do cardio to. In less than 10 seconds a famous singer showed what does the app look like, what the app consists of and others. By choosing a song she also advertised the artists and the song. The song, which is used in the video, is perfect for working out because it has all the beats and rhythm.
This commercial targets teenagers, as well as adults who listen to Taylor Swift, people who are looking for a good noise cancelling/noise isolating head/earphones (at the end she fell off the treadmill with a caption “distractingly good”), music lovers, people who want to listen to music but don’t want to pay for the first 3 months because they have an option to use a trial; after the trial they can cancel it anytime as the ad says: “Join now, cancel anytime”. So it’s very simple and effortless. Youtube is a very good platform to promote things. Because it reaches an enormous amount of people from all around the world, it is the second most popular search engine after Google according to and Youtube is starting to replace the TV. Moreover, it is not that type of advertisement that you would skip because it doesn’t start off with boring and long introduction of the product. As for me throughout the video they could catch the viewer’s attention. And at the end there is a little description of both the brand of the earphones and the app with a logo and a caption. The commercial is short and entertaining.

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