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I sit here pressure looking at the continents of my screen its vast emptiness that knocks me straight in the head giving me a throbbing headache and the need to recur to the 5 year old me who would throw a tantrum at the screen. But i’m sure a 5 year old me had stronger beliefs and would have something to write.The definition of a belief is, “confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof”. My believes linger in something less susceptible to a creed or phrase but instead to something like a coherent truth. Today I am more decadent on a philosophical belief in education.

I am critical of existential education, I believe it’s a damaged to the intellectual and moral standards of students. I want to reflect on the essentialist belief that our culture has a core of common knowledge that is transmitted to students in a systematic, disciplined manner. Essential belief such as a effort,discipline,teacher-initiative,logical organization,subjects,and remote goals. Instead I advocate a education where we start with the child as a growing and developing person and help him live and grow best.

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