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Rock Street, San Francisco

If you are looking for a picturesque spot to visit which is not that far from the Metro, then Pinto Art Museum shall not be missed from your list! Known for its instagrammable exterior, the Mediterranean inspired villas and well manicured gardens contain more than just a nice background or view for its visitors. Massive and well curated collection of modern paintings, sculptures, art installations, mixed media pieces, wire sculptures, indigenous & traditional art spread throughout the area. It is like entering a different world— a beautiful different world.

The not-so-hidden gem in Antipolo surely is one of the most popular museums in Rizal, even in CALABARZON! Art enthusiasts or not, people are making time just to visit the museum that graced a lot of blogs and websites that showered it a lot of praises.

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As of February 2018, the regular fee for the entrance is P200, P180 for the senior, and P100 for students. Meanwhile, kids 3ft. and below are free of charge. So, people would still have some spare money to spend at the two aesthetic cafés located inside the museum!

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