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Immersing yourself in one company is difficult specially that your are required to follow their policies, and rules. Proper attire, being punctual, initiate some works that you can be dare, respect your colleagues and the likes are some proper way to conduct oneself inside the company. But what really are the do’s and dont’s during immersion period? Let’s find out some other examples and discuss how important to know these proper conduct and behavior before hand.
Work immersion can be little bit stressful for job-seekers, specially the young ones. There are proper ways in helping the immersive person to conduct there selves during the immersion. First, be punctual. Arriving on time to work demonstrates commitment to your job. Chronic lateness, meanwhile, is a blatant show of disrespect for your co-workers. Keep an eye to the clock at the start of the day to make sure you arrive at time. Second, dress modestly and appropriately. The first thing a new client or colleague will notice about you is your physical presentation; a sloppy or inappropriate appearance may disqualify you immediately. Avoid ripped or wrinkled clothing and do not show to much skin. Come to work with clean hair and practice good hygiene. Third, keep a positive vibes. Everyone has bad days and bringing your bad attitude might as well affect your colleagues and it will not only reflects poorly on you but you will also accomplish nothing. Fourth, lend a helping hand. If your co-workers needs a help with a project, offer to pitch in. Offer help if needed. Do not take a task you can’t handle. Fifth, learn from your mistake. Everyone commit mistake. Its inevitable that workplace mistakes will occur, but acknowledging your errors, make your best effort to correct them, and learning along the way can help you recover and avoid future falters. Sixth, understand office Etiquette. Avoid using cellphone inside the company if not necessary. This office no-nos are disrespectful and can interfere with how you’re percieve by others. Pay careful attention to office etiquette and make sure your behavior is in line with expectations. Last but not the least respect. Every person in your workplace deserves to be treated with respect. Respect privacy, personal space, ideas and belongings.
Here also the ways that you should never do during the immersion period. First, engage in gossip. No one expects you to like all of your co-workers, but sharing your negative opinions and personal gossip interferes with productivity. This doesn’t just pertain to talking about yourself. Second, have long, loud, non-work-related conversation with a friend/colleague at your desk (if any you’re in an open-plan office). Being friendly with your co-workers is one thing but chronically airing your dirty laundry over the water cooler is unprofessional. Rather move to the boardroom or head out to a coffee shop for a proper chat. Same goes for personal telephone conversations on your landline. Ask the person to phone you back on your telephone so you can take the call somewhere else. Lastly, groom yourself at your desk. Head to the bathroom if you need to brush your hair, do a makeup touch-up, or brush your teeth.
Remembering these do’s and dont’s will surely help you to immerse yourself in one company. Following the rules of office conduct is important as well as for the benefit of everyone in the company. As long as you conduct yourself with respect and confidence, work immersion can be fun and success for you.

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