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Immigration problem-solution
Immigration is a movement of people, goods, services and flows of the ideas around the world; people were immigrating for a different reason such looking for work, for family reason, to seek help and protection and to improve their living standard. It recognises that most immigrants come from disadvantages countries with fewer opportunities for the future. The UK can benefit with skills, ideas and outsource problems can be solved. However, the difficulties arise when immigration merely is unbalanced and not sustainable which means the current scale of immigration in the UK.

After the world war two, the UK was having a difficult time as a country and rebuilding the country the government decided to invite people from the Commonwealth countries to come to the UK. To help to restore the nation, and the majority come from west indies, and they arrived in 1948-1971 they have been labelled the Windrush generation.

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This is a dereference to the ship MV Empire Windrush, which arrived at Tilbury Docks, Essex on 22 June 1948, bringing immigrants from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and other islands as the answer to feel the shortage of post-war in the country,
The influx of immigrant ended with the 1971 immigration Act that allowed them in the country without restrictions, and many of them were nurses, bus drivers, cleaners and some of them represent the black society of the UK.

Many children arrived as well with their parents and families to live a new life and new future in the UK (BBC news, 2018).
This essay will argue that immigration is beneficial for the country such as the UK and migration begins to change permanently it is ethnic and diversity in a way that the society start to mix, integrate resulting the more tolerant society however immigration policy need to controlled and managed and is the best interest of the Government introduced point-based-system to establish who is qualified to enter the country and who does not (Gower, 2016).

The number of immigrants has increased from 1997 and was just 47,000 till 2010 was over 3.6 million immigrants in the UK while the UK citizens left about one million in total the government elected in 2010 vow to decrease the number of immigrants however, immigration from non- EU overall increased to a third of a million. Now the number of net migration stands at a level of 230,000 per year ending June 2017.The population growth has resulted in high net migration, and now the UK population stands at 65.5 million, and it will increase for the next 25 years.

Before the year 2000, when several changes made by the labour government that increased immigration and the public cited one of the leading problems of the UK.

Significant problems such as economic and national health service become an issue as immigration through the policy failure part of successive governments.

The impact of immigration in the UK made it more difficult for native citizens to be employed and put pressure on housing, schools, hospitals and public transport and 70% of the population believe that immigration is not favourable for the nation and the economy.

The government is currently talking with Eu leaders related the Britain departure from the EU because of the referendum held in the country where 17% percent of people voted out European Union and the public believe that was the need to reducing a significant number of the immigrants
But the concern about the shortage of specific profession, and they suggested that the government should abandon the idea of cutting the amount of the immigrants to 100,000 a year or less (net migration statistics, 2017)
Some argue that immigration is not possible to control, and it is not worth to try, and they believe that it is part of globalisation.

This is not real as the UK has right to control immigration and be able to attract the best and talented people with skills and ideas to enrich the economy and the society and there are figure shows that in the year 2017 there were a significant number of immigrant to the UK about 572,000, and it was reduced to 342,000 emigrants and that brought a figure to 230,000 .A target for net migration still high and the government is willing to cut it to 100,000.

Most significant number of immigrant come from non-Eu country and government already have control of it.

They require higher skills for people outside the European Union making sure that they allowed only genuine students, and vow to shut down the bogus colleges.

However, there is considerable scope for action, the exit checks introduced in may 2015 amongst those whose visas have run out. However, there estimated over one million illegal immigrants in the UK and more needed to be done to reduce the level of the illegal immigrant.
Two new Acts of Parliament (the immigration Acts of 2014 and 2016) gave more power to deportation on the grounds for appeal previously available, imposed responsibilities on property owners, banks and DVLA to carry out checks on immigration status, and those that help illegal immigrant would face prosecution.

All this is to make more difficult for the illegal immigrant to remain in the country once they do not have the right to stay.
The objective is to reduce the significant number of 180,000 per year to 100,000 immigrants per year, however, still high the number of Non-EU NET migrant in the UK.

Compared to EU migration is different and is doubled to 180,000 per years as UK voted to leave the EU the government see the opportunity to reduce the significant number of the immigrant from EU as the UK government is planning to introduce highly -skilled work permit.

Few will qualify for it, and the government is planning to allow only 30,000 work permits a year and they want to reduce low-skilled work and to introduce that could reduce EU immigrants to 100,000 a year compared to a current figure.

However, it will not happen rapidly. In March 2017 the Prime Minister triggered Article 50 which start a two-year time of discussions over the UK exit and future relations with European Union.

The UK will leave the European Union by 2019. However, the free movement of European citizen will continue roughly two years period, and the reduction of the immigrant will not happen as expected.

Those from European Union that currently live in the UK will have their right protected as the same as British citizens that are living in EU country also will have their rights protected.

Now there are 3 million EU citizens living in the UK, and there are 1.3 million British national currently living in EU (Katawala, n.d.).

British emigration has been increased lately each year which is around 50,000 a year. However, the government have control.

Immigration policy is to make sure to reduce the level of net migration, and the employer can turn briefly to migrants instead to stimulate the essential skills or pay the people that are now in the country.

The government has presented an immigration skills charge which should be paid by employers employing non-EU personnel under Tier 2.

This is a great beginning, and more should be done to recruit British citizens, on the specific area such as national health service where there is more demand for doctors, nurses and healthcare agents.

The government, as principal employer itself, has a part to play in that the levels of pay and conditions are meet with education and training for employees in areas of public sector, such as health, education and social care.

Therefore, private sectors also must be encouraged to pay reasonable wages and where required invest in technology instead of employ workers from EU or non-EU that already are prepared to work for less salary.
Brexit will offer the opportunities for British citizens to have the job they which and will stop allowing low wages workers to apply for the tax credit and house benefit.

Employers need to pay reasonable wages that could be sufficient to the worker to maintain their families and themselves without recurring to the public fund for any help.

Public anxiety concerning the number of immigrants from diverse backgrounds is bright and sharp net and to reduce the net migration should be no more extended public affair, and they will help to ensure that immigrants are welcome to the UK.

We live in a globalised world, and immigration the nations become closer as result of migration, the country benefit from highly skilled migrant. However, various studies pointed out that there is no link between the labour market and unemployment, and overall the increase in immigration does not always cause unemployment according to (Dustmann et al., 2003) and the world become closer because of migration.

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