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In 1955, Solomon Asch conducted several social experiments that studied the effects of the opinions of others on one’s own. He started with two cards; one with a vertical, black line and the other with three vertical, black lines with differing lengths. There is only one line on the second card that is exactly proportional to the line on the first card. Several people were asked to identify the line that was the same length as the first one. There was a unanimous decision until he got to the last person. He was the subject of this experiment and what he does not know is that all the other members of the group were instructed by the experimenter beforehand to give incorrect answers in unanimity at certain points (Asch 3). He answered the question with shyness and agreed with the others even though they were wrong. He didn’t want to stand out and be embarrassed. This experiment answered a lot of questions but left a lot unanswered.

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