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In an age where social medias are the norm, friendships play an important part in people’s well-being and general positivity. However, the debate continues over whether we should keep old friends or make new ones. From my point of view, making new friends is preferable to keeping old ones for the two following reasons.
To begin with, making new friends allows us to develop our social skills. To illustrate my argument, during five years of elementary, I took friendship for granted and never thought that making friends could ever bring me anything in return. However, as I chat with more classmates and made friends with more people, I noticed a gradual improvement in my social skillset. Through the process of making new friends, I have learned how to present and introduce myself, how to strike up conversations, how to pursue common interests and most importantly how to be confident around crowds of people. As a result, making new friends in accompany with the social skills I acquired has guided me through 9 years of school.

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