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In Current society where money measures everything, Old people are weighed as an economic liability and a social burden. old age is ascertained as an unsought, problem-ridden stage of life that everybody is forced to measure. It marks time till the ultimate exit from life itself. In Islamic Republic of Pakistan, being previous means that the beginning of endless deprivations, An alienation from the family and an indifferent perspective from society. senior people are among the foremost vulnerable and marginalized people in our society. they’re usually financially distressed. several need to continue operating till the day they die and lots of are poorly paid and add unsafe and irregular environments. it’s a pity that none of the political, non-secular or social parties, fabrication to figure for the betterment of the peoples, address problems faced by senior people in their manifestos. facilitate Age Islamic Republic of Pakistan could be a non-governmental organization (NGO) operating for the welfare of senior people and has been faithful the cause for around 9 years. “Many people are scared of growing previous. distinctive adulthood with worry is of course a rather recent development. It looks to accentuate as daily passes and also the world become harder and fewer clear. Speaking concerning the institution of the ‘old home club’ to facilitate the senior, government ought to founded such homes shortly. however first, kids ought to serve their oldsters particularly after they are previous as they required larger attention and love. “The international organization created this annual event in 1991 to celebrate the contributions and achievements of individuals in later life. people aged sixty and over represent virtually eleven % of the overall world population as well as Pakistan; and by 2050, the quantity is expected to rise to nineteen %. A fast increase in population of the senior (people United Nations agency are on top of 60) is happening within the developing world. this may mean there’ll be a lot of senior people within the world than kids for the primary time in history,”. this demographic profile of Islamic Republic of Pakistan shows that the senior population constitutes four.2 % of the overall population within the country the population pyramid is broader within the middle with the very best figures (58 percent) being from 15-64 years. visible of financial condition, economic inequality and inadequate health facilities, the senior population suffers variety of setbacks. there’s a trend for nuclear families that has increased the social care issues for this cluster of individuals. the govt of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has wanted consultation on national strategy on health for senior within which variety of issues among senior were known like: loneliness, depression, worry of dying, lack of social relations, painful medical conditions, deprivation, lack of resources, and loss of a partner. in an exceedingly native study, 5 or a lot of health issues were found in 70 % senior subjects with virtually 1/2 them taking 3 or a lot of completely different medications daily for problems like immobility, incontinency, dyspnea, fatigue and visual defect. high blood pressure, polygenic disorder and inflammatory disease were the foremost normally according chronic ailments. Among the mental diseases, depression has been known as a major downside. in an exceedingly native study there was a noted 21.9 % prevalence of depression among the senior. it’s been shown that chronic diseases within the senior are consistent risk factors for depression. necessary facet that’s not nonetheless lined through empirical observation is that the issue of elder abuse. native report indicates concerning lack of acceptable health care facilities and schemes further as policies for the senior voters. this is often in an exceedingly manner a refined kind of neglect or abuse. Speaking from a worldwide perspective, it’s being expected that by the year 2025, the world population of these aged sixty years and older are going to be around one.2 billion. Few population-based studies recommend that between four to six % of senior people have intimate some kind of abuse in their social unit. As per the planet Health Organization (WHO) report, the senior is at a high risk of abuse in establishments like hospitals, nursing homes and alternative long care facilities. Abusive acts in establishments embrace physically restraining the patients, depriving them of dignity and an alternative in daily affairs.

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