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In “Internet Addition” by Greg Beato, Beatos main idea of this article is how internet affects people’s daily lives because they are addicted to it. Beato says people addicted might actually have a disorder. The writer gives examples of people being addicted. An council man in the Bulgarian city was ousted from his position because he played a game during his meetings. He also goes on to say how we use internet in our daily lives like news and entertainment. He says there are a hig percentage of people on the internet and because there are so many the get drawn in the web leading them to get disorders. The internet can be for good but also bad.
In “Internet Addiction”, Greg Beato talks about people being addictive to the internet and I totally agree. Reports of crazy incidents tie to being addicted to the internet like individuals get so addictive they forget to feed their kid or even a child shooting their parents because they took away his xbox is crazy. “This year a South Korean couple let their real baby starve to death because they were spending so much time caring for their virtual baby in a role-playing game called Prius Online”(8).Internet Addiction is real and needs to be stopped.”Earlier this year, 200 students taking a class in media literacy at the University of Maryland went on a 24-hour media fast for a group study, then described how “jittery,” “anxious,” “miserable,” and “crazy” they felt without Twitter, Facebook, iPods, and laptops. “I clearly am addicted,” one student concluded, “and the dependency is sickening”(3).” One student says they are clearly addicted. A study like this one here shows students feeling sick almost just for not having their phone for 24 hours. Internet has gotten more and more addicting thru the years. Knowing how internet affects people at such a extant I will try and stay away from it.

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