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In my opinion, to be part of a successful team, the three things that each member needs to do are:

1. Have a good communication with team members.

For me, a good and open communication between all the team members is very important to build a successful team. The communication between a team must be straightforward and honest because the willingness to communicate ideas, opinions and thoughts between the team members is crucial to the general success of any work or project. All the team members must not hesitate to communicate their thoughts and individual perceptions to each other in order to avoid any issues or misunderstandings. A good communication should be conduct between all team members to discuss and decide the greatest idea plan to achieve the goals. Furthermore, every person is born to be different and special, each team member will have their own unique communication style and skill. All team members should approach all communication with trust, respect and honesty. Therefore, the team members who can know and understand each other’s communication style will help a lot to put the team to the success that everyone comprehends and underpins.

2. Contribute effort to the team.

Every team members should fully understand their responsibilities and contribute their effort to the team. The team is said to be successful when all the team members understand and live up to their responsibilities to the team. The tasks that assign to each member need to match the abilities and talents of particular people. As we know, a team is formed by different people with different characteristics and abilities. Therefore, instead of every team member must contribute the same effort, but each member has to contribute their effort according to their own capacity and position. The team members should supplement each other’s shortcomings and work together to achieve the goals. They should also be feeling of belongings to the team, focused on their work, contribute their effort and truly think about the success and achievement of the company. Thus, it will lead the team to be successful.

3. Focus on goals.

The team members should decide and set their team goals in light of their responsibilities of work rather than just work to finish their tasks. To stay focused on the goals, the team members need a plan. A plan can help to move each member from the status quo to achieve the goals and the clear plan can also be set to guide how the team members will accomplish their goals as a team, and likewise the contribution of each team member to the team. If a team is without their plan, they are hard to focus on their goals. A successful team need to have their goals which will help to clarify what they should be done and what should not to do. The clear heads and reasonableness are necessary to achieve their goals. Thus, this will furnish them with a clear direction and provide them something to target together.

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