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In North America the change in temperature has taken a toll on the animal species along with plants. Global warming is causing changes to the ecosystem and habitat of these animals. North America bird migration has increased by 1.3 decades, which may not seem like a big deal, but it is if birds are migrating decades earlier it can affect the food chain (Obama). The effect on animals also leads to a rapid change on plants; the rising in sea level and higher pH is what is causing plants marine ecosystem to change. More diseases and pests evolving also contribute to the change in plants biodiversity (Obama). If plants are being affected what will this mean for food crops? With more Co2 emissions being released into the air it makes crops become less nutritious as to wheat, corn, and maze. According to Professor Samuel Myers, two billion people are suffering from low iron and zinc, because crops are lacking these types of nutrients (Carrington, Damian).

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