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INTRODUCTION: It is an approach in which focus on development of the child and social and emotional needs of child. In which children learn through creativity and experience. Moreover, they become active learner with experiences.
PHILOSPHY: It helps the young children to learn by doing themselves. Also, it helps the children to become independent and self confident and to increase learning in science, mathematics etc.
EDUCATOR’S ROLE: Educator provide support to the children and allow them to practice new skills by giving them appropriate time. It is their responsibility to create safe and secure environment for children. They should provide the material according to age of children and they always ensure children safety. They should plan activities to increase self esteem and self confidence in children. Their responsibility is to maintain hygiene and taking care of children. The should understand the concept of risk taking among the children. They should understand that each child is unique and have their own pace of development.
CHILDREN’S ROLE: They have the freedom of expression and explore to new things. They are having the freedom to use all the materials in any manner as they would like to choose. They should be respectful towards others as well towards the materials. They should adapt according to flexibility of routines and choices given to them.
TYPICAL DAY IN THE DAYCARE: Their routine is flexible according to children’s interest and choices. In the beginning of the day, when all children arrived, they will enjoy circle time with their peers. Then they enjoy their snack. After that they will begin their day by doing activities in large and small groups. As they have choice of distinct and varied materials, so they will enjoy activities of their choices and interests. They also talk about their experiences of the day and they share thoughts with each other and sing songs and poems. They enjoy their meals in the afternoons by sitting together. They have their nap at same time (means follow routines). They do lots of creative works in the creative curriculum daycares as they learn from computers, from picture and many other kinds of books, by plying outside the classrooms and doing natural research (as shown in our group project), and many more innovative activities to explore their ideas and interests.
ENVIRONMENT: The environment of classroom is safe, secure and well maintained. There is variety of materials according to the age and interests of the children. The educators support their children to increase their self esteem so that they can develop according to the dimensions of development. All setups of classrooms including shelves and furniture are in easy access to the children.
Our programs show that children learn through what they hear and observe so we planned so many activities which are related to music for children(also shown in our project)

Children should be encouraged to improve their fine motor skills and creativity so in our program children are always encouraged to explore their creativity and imaginations.
All the children are encouraged to play in groups and develop their social and emotional bonds. So, in our program we plan so many large and small group activities for children.

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